Step 1 - Make the Decision

Unsure whether to sell your property? The best thing you can do is to speak with an experienced real estate agent. Share your plans, goals and the reasons why you want to sell. A good agent will advise you accordingly, with the ultimate decision being yours.

Step 2 - Research the current market conditions

It is important to obtain an idea on how and where to market your property. Additionally you want to find out what your property is worth. The best research an owner can do is to search the main advertising engines such as, and agents' personal sites. Browse through some local listings to get an idea of where your property will sit amongst its competition.

The listing price is crucial in the marketing of your property. An overpriced property will do more harm than good, and a price that is too low will only help the astute bargain hunter - a good agent will not sell to bargain hunters.

Step 3 - Contact Holdsworth Real Estate

We have over 60 years of combined experience in listing and selling consistently throughout the Yokine area. You will find us to be approachable, knowledgeable and willing to work hard to help you achieve your goals and desired end result. We pride ourselves on making your Real Estate experience a pleasurable one.

Call us on 9344 1270 or email

Step 4 - Let us get the best price for your property

We continue to spend time and resources on training and improving our knowledge and skills to help you achieve the highest price possible. We are self-motivated and focused whole heartedly on achieving the best result for you

Selling Frequently Asked Questions
When should I sell?

The answer is simple - it is the right time when it's the right time for you.

Sure, market trends and conditions are usually what we immediately think of as the right time to sell. However, most of the time this is irrelevant. The right time to sell is THE RIGHT TIME FOR YOU.

What if my property is managed by another agent?

This is generally not an issue.

Communication with all parties concerned needs to be with respect, courtesy and accuracy. Agents, owners, tenants, sellers and buyers - we all rely on communication and respect. If your property is managed by another agent and you want us to sell it – this is not a problem and actually is quite common throughout the industry.

How long does settlement take?

This can vary – the settlement date has to be a date that both sellers and buyers agree to. This is usually on between 6-8 weeks from an offer being accepted.

What if my property is tennanted?

Again this is a common situation in the real estate industry. It's an issue that many sellers think is a disadvantage, where in some cases it is actually an advantage. Quite often investment properties are bought by other investors and or developers – so an immediate tenant/occupancy is an advantage to the buyer. We at all times respect the tenants and will always respect their privacy and at the same time work to get the best possible selling price for the seller.

What if I don't have the Property Titles?

We have sold many properties that have yet to have the titles issued.

We have secured many buyers for sellers in this situation - with more subdivided blocks of land, new villas and new units being on offer throughout our suburbs of business. We have found this situation is increasing over recent years. You, as a buyer can secure your offer and you as a seller can secure your acceptance of an offer - subject to issue of title.

Any other questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

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