19 Kinsella Street in Joondanna presented an exciting challenge as a new development housing four modern homes. To showcase the potential and allure of each unit, our strategy needed to be dynamic, emphasising the fresh architecture, prime location, and modern amenities to appeal to potential homeowners.


Our first step involved curating top-notch visuals, from professional photographs to immersive virtual tours that highlighted the uniqueness of each of the four homes. We implemented a combination of online marketing campaigns and open house events to cast a wide net over the target demographic.

Utilizing social media, targeted online ads, and localized print media, we reached out to first-time homeowners, downsizers, and investors, ensuring the development received ample attention.

Regular updates and consultations with the developers ensured they were always in the loop and an integral part of the selling strategy.


Our holistic approach bore fruit, with each of the four units receiving significant interest. The development was sold out in a shorter timeframe than anticipated, much to the satisfaction of the developers. The success of 19 Kinsella Street speaks volumes about the power of collaboration, innovation, and strategic marketing.


The rapid and efficient sale of the Kinsella Street development is a testament to our adaptive strategy and in-depth market understanding. Each project we undertake, be it an individual home or a multi-unit development, benefits from our commitment to detail, innovation, and a tailored approach. At the heart of every success story is our dedication to turning properties into dream homes for buyers.

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