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At the heart of Holdsworth Real Estate is a commitment that transcends the brick and mortar of properties; it's the profound relationships we nurture with our clients.

We believe that real estate isn’t just about transactions but about understanding individual stories, dreams, and aspirations. Every client, every family, every investor becomes a part of the Holdsworth narrative, and we take pride in being their trusted advisors.

Our approach is rooted in genuine care for our clients’ outcomes, ensuring they don’t just find a house but a home, an investment, a future. We understand that every decision in real estate has lasting impacts on lives, and it’s this deep sense of responsibility that drives us to go above and beyond, making us more than just another real estate agency in Perth; we are partners in your journey.

Established 1995

Our Story

1995 saw the birth of Holdsworth Real Estate in Yokine, founded by dedicated locals with a vision to transform Perth's property scene.

Their ambition was fueled not just by business goals, but by a genuine love for the community and a desire to offer unparalleled service within it.

With each passing year, our roots have only deepened, echoing the founders’ commitment to personal relationships and excellence. Today, Holdsworth Real Estae stands as a testament to perseverance, evolving and adapting, while always staying true to the values that started it all.

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Learn more about Holdsworth Real Estate ethos, dedication, and the team behind our success.

At Holdsworth, we place clients at the centre of everything we do, focusing on personalised service, understanding unique needs, and striving for optimal outcomes in every transaction.

Absolutely. We have a dedicated property management team that ensures both landlords and tenants have a seamless, positive experience.

We provide sellers with comprehensive services, from property evaluation to tailored marketing strategies, ensuring their property garners maximum exposure and achieves the best possible sales outcome.

Beyond our decades of experience, what truly distinguishes Holdsworth is our genuine commitment to personal relationships, deep community ties, and ensuring each client feels valued and understood.

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