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Suburb Introduction

Yokine: A Blend of History and Modern Living

Embracing Tradition and Future Development

Yokine proudly showcases a diverse architectural landscape. From the classic 1940s brick edifices and timber-framed homes to modern designs and International style residences, the suburb offers a vivid tableau of its history. In recent times, the emergence of duplexes and units has added a contemporary touch, with the spacious lots around Spencer Avenue and Shakespeare Avenue signalling more developments in the offing.

The green heart of Yokine is its array of parks, with Yokine Reserve standing as the crown jewel. These reserves aren’t just for leisure; they’re hubs of activity, boasting facilities like lawn bowling greens, tennis courts, and sports ovals. The suburb’s golf course invites both locals and visitors for a swing, while its educational establishments and senior residence ensure all age groups find a place in Yokine’s vibrant community.



Median Age


Number of Dwellings


Sales Price


Rental Price

$650 per week

Median Time on Market

9 Days

Data obtained in 2024 from Real Estate Institute of Western Australia and Australian Bureau of Statistics

Deep Dive

Tracing Roots and Shaping Neighbourhood

The roots of Yokine trace back to its origin as part of T. R. C. Walters’ land grant in 1840. However, development in its early days remained sparse. The area’s transformation began when Western Australian Golf Limited took ownership around 1927 and strategically subdivided a small portion of land near the golf course. Before World War II, a single house stood at the eastern end of Royal Street, marking the modest beginnings. However, the post-war era heralded a housing boom, and by the early 1950s, Yokine’s landscape around the golf course had undergone a remarkable transformation. As the southern section also flourished in the 1960s, Yokine evolved rapidly into a well-established neighborhood, with its story of growth and community spirit spanning decades.

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