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Optimise your investment in the Perth market with our expert Perth property managers, tailored to discerning investors seeking premier oversight and returns.

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Rental Appraisal

Determine your property's optimum value in the Perth rental market with our thorough and expert appraisal service.

Step 2

Property Presentation

Enhance your investment property's appeal with our tailored presentation suggestions, ensuring it stands out and attracts quality tenants.

Step 3

Marketing Preparation

Leverage our extensive experience and resources to create compelling marketing campaigns tailored to showcase your property's best features.

Step 4

Tenant Inspections

Benefit from our organized and professional tenant inspections, ensuring potential renters see your property in the best possible light.

Step 5

Review Applications

Rest easy as we meticulously vet and review each tenant application, ensuring only the most reliable and suitable candidates for your property.

Step 6

Tenant Acceptance

Upon finding the right match, we'll facilitate a smooth tenant acceptance process, prioritizing clarity and communication every step of the way.

Step 7

Lease Sign

Seal the deal with comprehensive and legally compliant lease agreements, designed to protect both your interests and those of your tenants.

Step 8

Ongoing Management

Experience hassle-free property ownership as our Perth property managers oversee all facets of day-to-day management, from rent collections to property maintenance, ensuring maximum returns and peace of mind.

Investor Assurance

Your Rental, Our Complete Care

Entrust us with your investment property, and experience comprehensive, worry-free management tailored to safeguard your asset.

At Holdsworth Real Estate, we recognize that your rental property isn’t just an asset—it’s a testament to your hard work and investment foresight. With decades of experience in the Perth property market, we’ve cultivated a reputation for meticulous care, ensuring every property under our wing thrives. Our expert team remains committed to upholding the highest standards, translating to peace of mind for you and exceptional living for your tenants.

We believe in a hands-on, holistic approach to property management. Every aspect, from tenant vetting to routine maintenance checks, is handled with precision and timely communication. With Holdsworth Real Estate, you’re not just getting a property manager; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to maximizing your rental’s potential while ensuring its longevity and appeal.

Comprehensive Tenant Screening
Finding the right tenant is crucial for your peace of mind and the longevity of your investment. Our rigorous and thorough tenant screening process ensures that only the most reliable and suitable occupants reside in your property, safeguarding its condition and your steady rental income.
Proactive Maintenance & Upkeep
Protect the value and appeal of your investment with our proactive approach to maintenance. From routine checks to addressing sudden repairs, our team is always on the ball, ensuring that your property remains in top-notch condition, saving you future costs and troubles.
Customised Growth Strategies
Our Perth property managers will maximise the potential of your investment with Holdsworth. We not only manage the day-to-day; our experts evaluate market trends and offer personalised strategies to enhance your property's value and rental yield over time.
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Artificial Intelligence

Leverage AI

Leveraging cutting-edge AI, Holdsworth Real Estate's Perth property managers revolutionises property management, driving precision and superior outcomes for every property.

AI allows us to analyse vast amounts of data in real-time, providing insights that were previously unattainable, ensuring a more accurate, efficient, and predictive market approach. This sophisticated technology enables us to match tenants with properties, optimise leasing strategies, and predict market shifts with unparalleled precision.

As we integrate AI into our operations, our clients benefit from a more streamlined, personalised, and intelligent property journey. Whether it’s predicting the next property hotspot, tailoring property searches to individual tenant preferences, or automating routine tasks for swifter transactions, Holdsworth’s embrace of AI ensures our clients stay a step ahead in the competitive real estate market. With us, you’re not just leveraging technology; you’re leveraging the future of real estate.

Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigate property rentals effortlessly with insights from our FAQ, covering leasing, maintenance, and more.

We provide a complete range of services including tenant acquisition, rent collection, maintenance, financial reporting, routine inspections, and legal guidance to maximise your property’s potential.

Through market research, comparable property analysis, and local market expertise, we set competitive rental prices to attract tenants and maximise ROI.

We perform regular inspections and have a trusted contractor network for repairs. We address minor issues directly and consult you for larger concerns.

Our screening includes background checks, credit evaluations, employment verification, and rental history to ensure we select responsible tenants.

We start with friendly reminders, followed by formal notices for late rent. We handle all tenant issues professionally, keeping local rental laws in mind.

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