3 Salamander Street in Dianella is a prime example of our dedication to understanding both the property we represent and the community it’s a part of. This elegant property required a unique blend of traditional marketing with contemporary strategies to reach its ideal buyer.


We began by leveraging our deep market knowledge to price the property competitively. High-quality professional photos showcased the property’s standout features, while virtual tours and open houses brought in potential buyers from various demographics.

Our targeted marketing campaign reached both local potential buyers and those considering relocating to Dianella, using both digital platforms and print media.

Throughout the selling process, we maintained open communication with the seller, ensuring they were informed of every development and received feedback from each viewing.


Our comprehensive approach led to multiple offers, resulting in a sale price that exceeded our client’s expectations. This success story is not just a testament to our expertise but also to the trust and collaboration we shared with the property owner.


The sale of 3 Salamander Street underscores our commitment to excellence in every phase of the selling process. From initial consultation to final sale, our team ensures that every property we handle benefits from our vast experience, innovative techniques, and unparalleled market insight. We take pride in turning properties into success stories.

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