We’ve noticed a hot topic on everyone’s lips: the influx of Eastern States buyers into the WA property market. Is this trend the reason behind Perth’s property price increases? Let’s get straight to the point.

Eastern States Investors: A Closer Look

Yes, WA has caught the attention of investors from the East, drawn by our growing property prices yet relative affordability and solid rental growth. However, these investors typically target suburbs with lower median prices, focusing less on the family homes that many locals are after.

The Competition and Demand

The competition for family homes mainly comes from locals and those moving to Perth, not investors. The demand in these areas is driven by people looking to settle down, with a significant local presence.

Eastern States investors are more interested in townhouses, units, or apartments near the city with high rental yields. For sellers, this opens up a market that appreciates the value of investment properties, especially those with long-term tenants.

The Real Issue: Supply vs. Demand

The challenge in WA’s property market isn’t just about who’s buying—it’s about what’s available. With the state’s population growing at the fastest rate in Australia, demand for homes is outpacing the supply, exacerbated by low building completions.

Advice for Buyers and Sellers

For Buyers: Patience and organization are key in this tight market. Conditions are tough, but with the right approach, finding your dream home is still possible.

For Sellers: Ignore the hype. Speak to knowledgeable local agents for accurate insights into who’s buying and what properties are in demand in your area.

In Summary

The interest from Eastern States buyers is just one piece of the puzzle. With the market’s dynamics constantly evolving, staying informed and prepared is crucial. Whether buying or selling, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Good luck, and let’s navigate these exciting times together!

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