The Secret Garden in Gwelup.

Suburb Introduction

Gwelup: A Tale of Transformation

From Market Gardens to Modern Residences

Gwelup’s transition from the 1970s marked its metamorphosis from a primarily rural landscape to a dynamic residential suburb, with only a handful of market gardens along North Beach Road standing as sentinels of its past. Today, Gwelup’s residential panorama is a vibrant mix, encapsulating everything from vintage market garden cottages to contemporary two-storey designs. Newer subdivisions like Karrinyup Waters and Settlers Green boast modern, architecturally-designed homes. Yet, as you traverse North Beach Road, echoes of older, rural-style housing can be spotted, many of which are undergoing renovations or paving the way for fresh constructions.

Community bonds are strengthened in Gwelup through its generous public open spaces, acting as gathering points and recreational hubs for both locals and visitors. Among these, Lake Gwelup stands out as an environmental gem, its roots tracing back to 1878 when it was earmarked as a swamp in early land surveys. This serene water body now beckons for passive relaxation, further enhanced by surrounding amenities like tennis courts and winding cycle paths within the Lake Gwelup Reserve.



Median Age


Number of Dwellings


Sales Price


Rental Price

$1025 per week

Median Time on Market

5 Days

Data obtained in 2024 from Real Estate Institute of Western Australia and Australian Bureau of Statistics

Deep Dive

Gwelups's Early Beginnings: From Grants to Gardens

The lands adjacent to the lake found their first owner in Thomas Mews back in 1831. As time unfolded, the property exchanged hands among various proprietors until 1891 when it caught the attention of Henry Bull from Sydney. Not too long after, in 1898 and 1899, Bull embarked on subdividing Gwelup, paving the way for potential developments. Yet, the progress was unhurried, with the vast expanses predominantly utilized for market gardening in the initial phases.

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