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Suburb Introduction

Leederville: Western Australia's Vibrant Suburb

Suburban charm meets modern living.

Leederville, nestled just a stone’s throw from Perth’s city center, is a blend of old-world charm and contemporary flair. Rich in history, the suburb boasts a tapestry of architectural styles, reflecting its evolution over the decades. From charming Federation homes to sleek modern apartments, Leederville’s streetscape is as diverse as its community. The suburb’s storied past is intertwined with innovative development, making it a sought-after locale for both residents and investors.

The heart of Leederville thrives with an eclectic mix of boutique shops, renowned cafes, and spirited bars. This suburb offers more than just residential appeal; it’s a hub for culture and leisure. Numerous parks and green spaces offer residents tranquil retreats amidst the urban buzz. Moreover, with its strategic location and well-connected transport links, Leederville stands as a testament to harmonious suburban living in the midst of a bustling city.



Median Age


Number of Dwellings


Sales Price


Rental Price

$714 per week

Median Time on Market

13 Days

Data obtained in 2024 from Real Estate Institute of Western Australia and Australian Bureau of Statistics

Deep Dive

Submerging History with Modern Development

Leederville’s origins trace back to Boorloo, the tribal territory of the Nyungar people, where Lake Monger, known as Galup, served as a vital campsite and hunting ground. In the early settlement years, pioneers like William Leeder, the suburb’s namesake, and John Monger acquired significant acreages; by 1838, Leeder had not only established a notable hotel in Perth but had also leased out his expansive estate. The gold rush of the 1890s marked a pivotal development period, propelling Perth’s population and necessitating subdivisions like the Monger and Leeder Estates. By the 20th century, amidst population booms and architectural evolution driven by European migrants, Leederville seamlessly integrated its rich history with modern amenities, becoming the vibrant suburb we recognise today

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