3 Tellima Mall in Stirling stands as a testament to the quintessence of family living. This beautifully established residence, with its inviting ambiance and thoughtful design, epitomizes comfort and warmth, making it an ideal family sanctuary.


Capitalizing on the home’s well-established charm, high-definition photography was employed to showcase its meticulously crafted interiors and welcoming exteriors. Virtual tours gave potential buyers an immersive experience, allowing them to visualize a lifetime of family memories within its walls. Our tailored marketing approach was aimed at families looking for a ready-to-move-in home that combined both luxury and functionality.

Throughout the process, our commitment to transparent communication ensured the seller was continuously updated, reflecting our partnership approach in property transactions.


3 Tellima Mall’s inherent allure as a family haven generated significant interest. Our tailored strategy ensured it was presented to the right audience, culminating in a successful sale that matched a loving family to their dream home.


The triumph at 3 Tellima Mall showcases our ability to understand the nuanced value of a property and to articulate its story effectively to potential buyers. Whether selling a family home or a property with investment potential, we bring dedication, strategy, and unmatched expertise to the forefront of every transaction.

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