Located in the heart of Mount Lawley, 97 Harold Street offered an unmatched location advantage, nestled closely to lush parks, bustling cafes, and the vibrant Beaufort Street. This property stood out as a golden opportunity for savvy investors and passionate renovators, boasting potential just waiting to be unveiled.


With an emphasis on its prime location, we utilized high-definition photography to not only highlight the property’s inherent charm but also its proximity to local amenities and attractions. Virtual tours provided a holistic view, enabling potential buyers to grasp the property’s full potential. Our marketing endeavors were strategically designed to target those who recognize the value in a renovation project and the investment benefits of such a coveted location.

Transparent communication was paramount, ensuring our seller remained informed and updated on every development and buyer interaction.


The combined allure of location and untapped potential made 97 Harold Street an enticing proposition. Our targeted approach swiftly connected the property with its ideal audience, resulting in a successful sale that satisfied both investor ambitions and renovation dreams.


The sale of 97 Harold Street reaffirms our capacity to recognize a property’s unique selling points and to craft tailored strategies that resonate with the right audience. With every sale, we underscore our commitment to detail, innovation, and the consistent delivery of exceptional results.

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