In an ambitious move to foster a more seamless connection between Litis Stadium and Britannia Reserve, the City of Vincent has announced the removal of the historic Litis Stadium underpass. This step is taken not just to improve accessibility for the local residents and sporting clubs, but also to address longstanding health and safety concerns associated with the underpass.

A Glimpse into History

Established as an integral component of the former Lake Monger Velodrome for the 1962 Commonwealth Games, the underpass has stood witness to decades of change. In the 1980s, the erstwhile velodrome metamorphosed into a football stadium and became the heart of the Floreat Athena Football Club.

However, time has not been kind to the underpass. Submerged below the regular ground level, it has increasingly been accumulating water, leading to mosquito breeding and alarming algae growth. Having been closed to the public for seven years, this has not mitigated the health risks it poses.

The Revamp

The City of Vincent has earmarked August 2023 for the commencement of the removal process. In the subsequent phases, the void left by the underpass will be filled to match the ground level and graced with a fresh footpath, ensuring a more direct connection to the reserve. Plans also include reshaping the surrounding earth to give the hill bank a more open look.

A vital component of this overhaul involves the removal of a mature Corymbia citriodora tree that stands above the underpass. Its location poses a risk to the safety of the impending operations. However, in a nod to sustainability, the wood from this tree is set to be repurposed for future projects within the Reserve.

The actual demolition of the underpass is expected to span two days, and the City is committed to ensuring minimal disruptions to the stadium’s sporting clubs and the park’s patrons.

A Greener Future

Once the earthwork is concluded, the location will undergo a landscaping transformation. About 17 native trees from Western Australia will find a new home here. Moreover, the region will be eco-zoned with a tapestry of low-growing native flora and topped with mulch.

This change signifies more than just infrastructural development. It’s a nod to the green future of the area and an invitation for the community to enjoy it. Local sporting clubs, especially the juniors of Floreat Athena who practice at Britannia Reserve, will greatly benefit from this enhanced connectivity. The stadium, with its new multi-sports changeroom facility, will be just a short walk away, amidst the refreshing embrace of native greenery.

The removal of the Litis Stadium underpass is not just about erasing a relic from the past, but about paving the way for a greener, more connected future. The City of Vincent is not only ensuring the safety and convenience of its residents and sporting clubs but also showcasing its commitment to sustainable development and community engagement.

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