With the surging demand for housing in Perth and the Peel region, there’s been a pressing need to identify and release new lands for the development of residential areas. REIWA’s CEO, Cath Hart, has warmly received the conclusion of the Government’s Planning Investigations Areas (PIA) process. This initiative has identified lands that can accommodate approximately 85,000 new dwellings across the aforementioned regions.

“Perth’s urgent need for housing cannot be stressed enough. This pertains to both potential homeowners and tenants alike,” commented Ms. Hart. She provided further context to this urgency by highlighting that Western Australia witnessed a robust population growth of 2.3% in the year leading up to December 2022. With projections indicating further growth of 1.8% in 2023-24 and 1.7% in 2024-25, most of these incoming residents are expected to choose Perth and Peel as their home. This makes the availability of housing in these areas paramount.

Ms. Hart elucidated, “Our need for more housing isn’t merely a byproduct of increasing migration. There are natural changes in households to consider. As children grow up, they move out, and, in unfortunate instances, a single household may split into two due to relationship breakdowns.”

Reflecting on the past decade, she emphasised the criticality of maintaining Western Australia’s average of 22,000 new home builds each year. This consistent supply chain is essential to meet the growing demand, and for this, the availability of land is non-negotiable. “The conclusion of the PIA process is a step in the right direction, marking the beginning of releasing more land for crucial developmental projects,” she remarked.

However, Ms. Hart was quick to add a caveat to this promising development. While the identification and release of land are crucial steps, there’s an equal need to ensure a strong base of apprentices and material suppliers within WA. She recalled the significant building delays the state has faced in recent years, attributing a part of the delay to the dwindling number of tradespeople in the region.

In closing, Ms. Hart acknowledged the Government’s commitment towards reversing this trend. She said, “We appreciate the Government’s budgetary provisions to attract more tradespeople to WA. This, coupled with the support for apprenticeships, will play a pivotal role in not just identifying land but ensuring homes are built on them.”

This initiative by the Government, lauded by industry experts like Ms. Hart, is a beacon of hope for many looking to find or create their dream home in Perth and Peel. The future, as it seems, is on a promising path.

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