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Suburb Introduction

Innaloo: A Blend of History and Modernity

From historic homes to bustling shopping hubs, Innaloo offers a unique mix of the old and the new.

Innaloo, located in Western Australia, boasts a rich tapestry of history that spans several decades. Its extensive development began in the 1940s, a period where its street names took inspiration from Greek mythology and the passenger list from the ship Rockingham. The suburb primarily houses single detached homes, which date back to the World War Two era. Built primarily of timber, these residences serve as a testament to post-war design standards.

On the other hand, as time progressed, Innaloo saw the rise of duplex homes and newer units that are replacing the older housing fabric. These recent constructions predominantly feature brick and tile, offering a modern aesthetic. The suburb is also home to the popular Westfield Innaloo shopping centre, accompanied by the Megacentre on Ellen Stirling Boulevard. Moreover, a noteworthy IKEA establishment can be found opposite the Megacentre. However, a visit to Innaloo would be incomplete without experiencing its southern border with Woodlands, where Perth’s largest cinema complex, the Event Cinemas megaplex, stands tall. Not just a cinema, this complex has evolved from its roots as an MGM drive-in during the 1950s to its present status, housing various dining outlets and a game centre, reflecting Innaloo’s dynamic character.



Median Age


Number of Dwellings


Sales Price


Rental Price

$710 per week

Median Time on Market

10 Days

Data obtained in 2024 from Real Estate Institute of Western Australia and Australian Bureau of Statistics

Deep Dive

From Swamps to Bustling Suburbs

In the early days, the lands near Innaloo were granted to Thomas Mews in 1831. Recognising the potential of the area, Town Properties of WA took the initiative in 1898 to subdivide the lands surrounding the Njookenbooroo Swamp for market garden purposes. This ambitious venture involved draining the swamp into Herdsman Lake, with channels meticulously carved throughout the region to boost agriculture. With an enticing offer of rent-free leases, potential occupants were drawn in with the promise of later purchasing the lots if they cleared and cultivated them; and by 1912, the area was flourishing, boasting a remarkable weekly production of 25 tonnes of produce.

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